Miles Ahead is a Venture Studio helping first-time founders of Deep Tech & AI startups grow faster by producing and funding their business within an empowering environment.

The Venture Studio model enables us to work personally with founders to fund, accelerate & validate their idea into a successful business. 

Our creative approach ensures a faster go-to-market. We offer in-house guidance combined with expertise from successful entrepreneurs in the tech industry.

Our Inspiration

At Miles Ahead we take the role of the producer in creating Deep Tech & AI Startups. Being Music fans, we were deeply inspired by Miles Davis and his album Miles Ahead. We used the original colors in our identity to pay hommage to this icon.

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Concept Validation

It takes a long time
to sound like yourself.

- Miles Davis
Deep Tech

Miles Ahead offers a stimulating environment for first-time founders that are looking for:


Miles Ahead Capital, our funding vehicle, provides you with the seed investment to kickstart your venture. We make sure that you maintain a solid share position throughout the early phases.


Get mentored by a team of seasoned software entrepreneurs with international experience that will guide you through each step of the way.

Concept Validation

Based on your needs, we will work closely with you in further validating the idea to turn it into a real market solution.

Team Assembly

In order for you to excel as a founder, we help you in finding & recruiting a great team.

Miles Ahead Sessions

A new series of free in real life networking nights.

We promise an exclusive evening filled with inspirational talks & high-quality networking.

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Concept Validation