Our Approach

Our mission is to shorten the learning curve of early stage Deep Tech & AI startups by producing their business together with our experts. Through this short and intensive creative process, we accelerate the go-to-market. This way, we help increase the return for the founder.

As a venture studio,
Miles Ahead is the ultimate connection between investors & founders.

Our Process 001.
The Idea

Ideas come from the venture team or from an entrepreneur pitching an idea to the team. If the investment committee gives a green light, the founder(s) are now involved with the Venture Studio team.

Our Process 002.
The Validation

The Venture Studio team gets assembled and starts to work on the idea: identifying customer demand, technical feasibility, pricing, market fit, competition, business model, financing needs, investor appetite, …

Our Process 003.
The Creation

The team turns the idea into a real market solution. This goes beyond technical development and building POCs or MVP but covers all angles of the validation of the business model at reference clients.

Our Process 004.
The Launch

Miles Ahead Studio actively completes the executive team required to run the independent company. If a founder brought the idea, the founder is helped to recruit the best team and find the necessary resources.

Our Combined Expertise

Our leadership team originates from various tech companies and has accumulated a wealth of expertise over the years. Here are some of the companies they have worked for.

Tele Atlas
McKinsey & Company
NG Data
Tom Tom

Our Values

Working together to build new Deep Tech & AI startups is constantly driven by our core values.


We aim to build tools and applications that leverage technology in a responsible and transparent way for a better society.


Our name is inspired by the Miles Davis album. Just like great music, successful ventures are built through a combination of individual talent and strong team chemistry.


All employees at Miles Ahead are shareholders and younger talent is rewarded through a merit-based system. We strive for a win-win between investors and do-ers.


Just like in music, reaching success means working hard and having fun.


Very few people are miles ahead with their ideas. But companies can reach that competitive position by executing flawlessly from the start. 

Concept Validation

We're hiring!

We are always looking for the following profiles for our Studio and our first ventures.

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